Wonderful Lord Jesus


Dear visitors, I'm going to try to make this webpage more "living" from now onwards. There will be plenty of material for you to test against what is written in the holy Bible.
May God increase your interest in Him and increase your desire to trust and obey Him. Make it your heart's desire to wholeheartedly love the Lord who is love.

Have you fallen in love the Lord of purity?
Praise the Prince of Purity, the Lord Jesus Christ, for His perfect atoning sacrifice on the cross. Fall in love with the Lord Jesus, for He can purify your heart.
Let's be encouraged for the Lord blessed Solomon with a wise and discerning mind. Let's ask also for ourself understanding to discern what is right! Let's walk in God's ways, keeping His statutes and His commandments.
In Psalm 119:18 we see David praying: Open Thou mine eyes, that I might behold wondrous things out of Thy law. This is the very same attitude that we should desire. Always expecting to discover wondrous things from our Bible studies.
Although the way to Jesus, the Way, is a narrow way which few find! The good news is that Almighty God blesses those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.
Let's hunger and thirst for a living relationship with the risen Lord Jesus Christ and if we are still unsaved desire that He becomes Our righteousness.
Truly our praise is for righteous Lord Jesus, Our beloved trustworthy Friend of Friends and Lord of Lords.

Hebrews 11:6 is such an encouraging verse. In this hugely important verse, we learn that the only true LORD rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

The Teacher of teachers, the sinless Son of God, can bless His creation with a hunger and thirst for truth. He is the the truth and He is the joy of man's desiring.

Seek the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.
What happens when we study the holy Bible wholeheartedly?

The Lord reveals Himself as a righteous Teacher who inspires, encourages, corrects and heals and always His plan is to draw us to His sinless Son, for He is Saviour.

When our soul hungers and thirsts for truth Our Heavenly Father always draws us to His Beloved sinless Son, for He is the truth.

When it's taught that the Good Shepherd is the water of life, it means He is the life.

As Our Creator the sinless One is source of life. Every gift that we have been blessed with has come from Him. Let's hunger and thirst to honour His hallowed name.

Searchers for truth, it's very important to study the holy Bible daily, for when you study this wonderful book wholeheartedly the Lord is able to purify your attitude to Him and your fellow man, so that you become more thankful!

If anyone understood that Their Creator was faithful that understanding would have a central role in their life.

Most people are conformed to this world. They listen to the music of country, pop and rock music and they think it's good for them.

This isn't true, for Satan's lies are highly esteemed by multitudes in the world.

Satan, the enemy of our soul, is prideful and he uses country, pop and rock music to weaken God's creation spiritually.

Yes, these types of music tickle our ears, but they are designed to lure us in to what Satan wants us to experience! Satan is the father of lies and he is astonishingly cunning.

Attention! We need to take refuge in Our Creator, for He alone is love and loves us and He alone is totally trustworthy and good at all times!

Our Creator exists! Not only does He exist but He is love and He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

What is the best way to seek Him? The best way to seek the author of life is to seek the person who is the way!

The sinless Son of God is the way. He is the faithful witness and His witness in John 14:6 is that He is the way.

Be encouraged for it is Christ, the way, who reveals Our Heavenly Father, for they are one!
We should link Hebrews 11:6 and John 14:6 together and study them together!
What a vital truth this is. Our Creator rewards those who diligently seek Him. My greatest error in my teens and twenties was that I didn't seek My Creator with persevering and patient diligence.

I rated the holy Bible highly when I was young for a short period, then I allowed the challenges of studying, working and living to distract my attention away from what is most important.
Desire to stay committed to seeking the Lord, for seeking the Lord diligently, earnestly and wholeheartedly is a very important thing to do.

Hoping in the LORD is a remedy to being disappointed.
Because the Lord focuses on purifying our heart, mind and soul we should praise Him for doing this!
Hosea 6:1 is a very interesting verse from the holy Bible. I'm reminded of Jacob's wrestling with the Lord. The Lord blessed him and from that day onwards he "limped"

What does diigently seeking the Lord involve doing? This isn't an easy question to answer because everyone has unique challenges that need to be addressed.

What I do know is that most people are conformed to this world and that Satan is the god of this world.

The Lord commands us not to be conformed to this world!

What should you do? You should examine your life in order to see if watching TV has a hold on you.

Are you, for example, spending more time watching TV than studying the holy Bible?

If yes, in my opinion, such a habit needs addressing!
Giving thanks to the Author of life should be wholehearted. Endeavour to motivate yourself to higher standards and ask for God's help to thank Him more fully.

Romans 12:2 is a very challenging verse in the holy Bible.

Are you very determined not to be conformed to this world?

In my opinion most of the world's population are conformed to this world. If watching TV is more important to you than studying God's Word you are still conformed to this world.

Are you thanking Your Creator for His sinless Son?
Make an even bigger effort to study the holy Bible daily!