Wonderful Lord Jesus


Dear visitors, I'm going to try to make this webpage more "living" from now onwards. There will be plenty of material for you to test against what is written in the holy Bible.
May God increase your interest in Him and increase your desire to trust and obey Him. Make it your heart's desire to wholeheartedly love the Lord who is love.

Have you fallen in love the Lord of purity?
Praise the Prince of Purity, the Lord Jesus Christ, for His perfect atoning sacrifice on the cross. Fall in love with the Lord Jesus, for He can purify your heart.
Let's be encouraged for the Lord blessed Solomon with a wise and discerning mind. Let's ask also for ourself understanding to discern what is right! Let's walk in God's ways, keeping His statutes and His commandments.
In Psalm 119:18 we see David praying: Open Thou mine eyes, that I might behold wondrous things out of Thy law. This is the very same attitude that we should desire. Always expecting to discover wondrous things from our Bible studies.
Although the way to Jesus, the Way, is a narrow way which few find! The good news is that Almighty God blesses those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.
Let's hunger and thirst for a living relationship with the risen Lord Jesus Christ and if we are still unsaved desire that He becomes Our righteousness.
Truly our praise is for righteous Lord Jesus, Our beloved trustworthy Friend of Friends and Lord of Lords.