Will you accept the challenge?


Greetings, dear visitors!

Do you know that before you can come forth purified that the God of the Bible must test you? Say "Yes" to His testing of you and as you do, day by day you will notice that He will bless you with speech and deeds that are purer. It is time to start practising saying "Yes" to the awesome God of the holy Bible. Don't forget this message is for you too!

Have you read these astonishing words "And their eyes were opened, and they knew Him." from Luke 24:31?

Dear reader, if you are unsure if you are saved you ought to pray: Wonderful heavenly Father, I desire for you to open my eyes that I might know you.

Dear readers, be encouraged to pray such a prayer for everything that blesses man is to be found in knowing the risen Lord Jesus!

Have you got out of bed with a sad heart? Dear reader, do you know that the living Christ can do everything for you that can bring you home to the home of holiness?

Dear readers, your hearts will be sad and troubled if you think Jesus is still dead and hasn't risen from the dead.

If you think this I have some truly wonderful news for you. The sinless Son of God is alive. What unsurpassable news is that.