There is nothing more liberating than being blessed by God


As you can see not everyone welcomes hearing about God's best gifts.

Thank you, dear readers, for your visit to this blog. May these beautiful reminders of the faithful love of Our cherished Lord God be a blessing to you.

Although we are often very stubborn and disobedient the God of the Holy Bible, the only true God, is very long suffering toward us. Wonderfully, He is a very, very kind and patient teacher, As He grows us up spiritually, we find out that we will envy our neigbour less and less and as He graciously cleanses our heart, mind and soul, we find out that we will reject more and more vaunting ourselves and behaving puffed up (boastfully).

Our Holy God, Lord Jesus Christ, can be provoked but is not easily provoked. Truly, the more He loves us, the more we have the opportunity to become conformed to His holy image. The more He loves us and the more we respond obediently to His unfailing love, we will become more self controlled, humble and less easily provoked, Jesus as God is so holy and pure that He thinks no evil and never speaks or behaves selfishly! Wonderfully when sin or injustice is committed He never rejoices and as He purifies us, His creation, we miraculously become more like Him in these areas too. Yes, precious friends, we have much to be thankful for, for Jesus’s love is healing, forgiving and character-transforming. Yes, it is to Almighty Triune God that we ought to offer ourself willingly and joyfully body, soul and spirit.

Precious readers, never hesitate to get to know God, for His heart rejoices always in justice and truth. truly God never vaunts Himself or behaves unseemly! Let’s rejoice greatly, for the God of creation is sinless and the more we pursue purity the more He will reveal Himself to us.

May God bless you, friends, as you venture forth boldly to live more selflessly.

1 John 4:8 8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

We are God’s creation and are here to glorify His holy loving name. As we submit our will to His will He will empower us to be more loving.

Always be encouraged, for as we submit our will to His holy will He will inspire and empower us to be more loving and compassionate in both word and deed

Precious readers, I hope you are well, and being daily blessed with God’s overflowing grace.

To God be the glory!