Stop making excuses for not studying the Bible



What is the good news of the Kingdom of God?

The good news is that there is a living God! He is the God who Our righteous King, the Lord Jesus Christ, revealed whilst He lived on earth.

The good news is that Our risen Saviour is love. He is God Himself and longs for an intimate relationship with His creation.

The good news is that we can welcome Him wholeheartedly to be Our teacher.

The good news is that He can bless man with a hunger and thirst for righteousness.

The good news is that this great person died a substitutionary death on a cross pouring out His soul unto death.

The good news is that He is risen from the dead and will be returning to earth soon with great glory and power.

The good news is that you can, with His help, respond to His gracious love and resolve to wholeheartedly trust and obey Him.

The good news is that the LORD has compassion on those with a broken and contrite heart.

Praise Him for His precious gift of new birth. Praise for His unparalleled companionship.

In today's world Satan's plan is to rewrite the holy Bible.

The holy Bible teaches:Resist the devil and he will flee, but the New Age teaches: tolerate lies and you will have peace.

Friends, if we don't resist temptations to steal we harm ourselves.

If we don't resist the false teachings of the Koran we would distance ourself from understanding the Lord Jesus.

Praise the Good Shepherd