Our heavenly Father is compassionate


Our heavenly Father is compassionate!

Dear readers, I hope you and your families have a lovely, productive, refreshing, memorable time together during the next few months. As a Christian believer I am always inspired by the life and words and deep love of Lord Jesus. What a loving person He was when He lived on earth. Let's continue to learn from Him that the sacrifice of our time to glorify the LORD is a praiseworthy sacrifice.

Treasured reader, may our great God bless you and all dear readers desiring to be good with generosity of hand, sincerity of speech, kindness in action, and love and joy.
Let’s also commit ourselves to praise Jesus daily! Hallelujah! What a compassionate Savior is Lord Jesus!

May the Giver of life reveal to more and more of readers of this blog just how so very important it is to endeavor to volunteer to forgive quickly and fully, for truly a gracious willingness by man to forgive and the blessing of healing from Almighty God belong together. Amen.