The LORD isn't imaginary!

We can't crush our iniquities out of ourselves!
What we need to do is to wholeheartedly trust Our Saviour who was crushed for our iniquities!
Praise the sinless Son of God for His willingness to be crushed for your iniquities.

Students of the Koran, the words of Isaih 53:5 from the holy Bible teach the truth about Jesus of Nazareth's suffering on a cross.

If anyone desires to believe them they should also make a diligent effort to stop worshipping the false god of the Koran.

Pray for the God of the holy Bible to help and protect you and continue daily to make a big effort to believe His trustworthy gift, the holy Bible.

Luke 2:11 is an important verse! Do you know that this verse shows that the teachings of the Koran are false?

In this most wonderful verse we learn that we have a Saviour. If you have been reading the Koran you should flee from that book of lies.

Why? Because reading lie after lie can quickly impact on you negatively.
Open up the book of Luke in the New Testament and desire to get to know Christ the Lord!
He is the Saviour and only God is Our Saviour, so He is Our God!

To those who are being saved the message of the cross is the power of God.
See 1 Corinthians 1:18

The punishment that brought us peace was on the Son of Man, Our sinless Saviour. Give your blessing to this most wonderful, gracious, loving, faithful and compassionate person!

Even though an unsaved person is "unknown" by the Lord, He is still good to that person and shows them compassion.

An unsaved person is "unknown" to the Lord in that he or she hasn't been born again, but known to Him in that they are His creation and He is good to them! 

The Lord who reveals Himself as Lord in the Old and New Testament is love. Is your confidence in God's Beloved Son? If your level of confidence in the teachings of the holy Bible are high, then in my opinion your confidence in the sinless One will be high too.

We don't have to guess to know what He loves, for He tells us precisely what He loves. Our Lord loves righteousness and justice, for He is righteous and just.

Our Saviour and Lord witnessed faithfully in John 14:6 that He is the life. He is the bread of life and the life.

The inspired Word of the LORD is so informative.
Truly we need saving, for we have all failed to glorify Our great LORD.
Praise Him daily, for Our Lord God who is the bread of life provides our daily bread.

One important question is: how do unsaved people come to Him? A good approach is to find out what He blesses.

Studying the holy Bible is always a good idea. Make it the desire of your heart to trust and obey what the LORD teaches and ask Him always for His help to do this!
He teaches: Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled, so hunger and thirst after the righteous Redeemer, for He is Our sufficiency! 

Let's desire to please Him by desiring to speak and act justly.

Psalm 33:5 links well to 1 Corinthians 13 where we learn that God's love never fails. Truly, God's love is unfailing!

Romans 5:8 links beautifully to John 3:16, for when Christ died for us, it was a demonstration of Our Creators' deep love for us. Praise the Lord!

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Washed, sanctified and justified

Studythe holy Bible with a desire to trust and obey God's Word.

Isaiah 53:5

Isaiah 53:5

Isaiah 53:5

The Lord is good to all!

Wer bittet, dem wird gegeben.
The Lord is my confidence.

Come to Christ

The Lord loves righteousness and justice
Wie reagierst du?

Everything pertaining to life that is good provides evidence that the LORD exists.

Coordination, for example, is His gift to man. Nothing would work physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually without His loving input in our lives!

Importantly the desire to do good, honorable things with His gift of time is His gift to man.

The LORD not only created us but sustains us!

Only after someone is born again, do they begin to grasp more fully just how immense the LORD’S role in their life is! A faithful Christian is aware that they can do nothing without Him.

In Genesis 5 the LORD has placed the message of the Gospel within the Genealogy for diligent students to discover!

Hebrew to English

Mahalalel=The Blessed God
Jared=Shall come down
Methuselah=His death shall bring
Lamech=The Despairing

Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.

Do you know that the Son of Man, also known as the Son of God, is the Blessed God?

Do you know that He offers sinful man rest?

Worldwide many people are choosing unwisely to live without the Author of life. What is certain is that if anyone loves the Author of life they will not witness that He is imaginary.

I think many people need reminding that the sinless Son of God didn't have imaginary conversations with the Creator?
If anyone is teaching that Christ Jesus' prayer life was imaginary they ought to stop doing this.
If anyone is teaching that His willing sacrifice was imaginary they ought to stop doing this.
Explorer for truth, the fulfillment of holy Scripture by the righteous King wasn't imagined but historical.

Scoffing man, why do you make such a song and dance about Christ's second coming? Our Savior and Lord is coming again. He is the Spirit of prophecy and He will fufill everything He says He will do. The fact that about 2,000 years has passed by is unimportant, because His testimony is totally trustworthy.
Unbelieving man, it's time for you to acknowledge the true Savior. It’s time for you to reread the testimony of the Lord Jesus and say: Yes, He spoke and acted at all times in an honorable manner.