Listen to Lord Jesus


Listen to Lord Jesus

What an immense honour it is for God's saints to witness faithfully that the risen LORD Jesus is eternally King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

O let's worship together in spirit and in truth His matchless name!

Hallelujah! What a Savior! Let every living creation of God praise the holy name of LORD Jesus Christ and His perfect, atoning, finished work on the cross. What courage. What compassion. What kindness our treasured intercessor showed His creation.

What a phenomenal forgiver of contrite and repentant sinners is God's Beloved Son.

How blessed are those that truly love the risen LORD Jesus. How honoured are they to witness faithfully that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Precious readers, God's name is holy. Never be tempted to trust Allah of the Koran, for he is a counterfeit god. Allah of the Koran isn't anything he claims to be. He is a fraud and liar from start to finish. Reject everything that mouthpiece of Satan says.

Precious readers, put your faith only in the true God, the God of the holy Bible. Love the God of the holy Bible with all your heart, soul and strength and God will surely rescue and protect you and satisfy you with an abundant life. Give your thanksgiving, praise and worship to the risen LORD Jesus, who is sinless as only God is.

Give your thanksgiving, praise and worship to the Teacher of Teachers, our King of Kings, our compassionate Creator and High Priest.

How blessed are we that God Triune loves us steadfastly and that we can respond with overflowing gratitude.

Come on everyone all over the world, let's praise the Risen Christ! Give Him the preeminence for He is worthy of thanksgiving, praise and worship. Let's praise the Jesus of the holy Bible and reject the Isa of the Koran who is mistakenly regarded by multitudes of Muslims as Jesus. O let's worship in spirit in truth His matchless name! Hallelujah! What a Savior! Let every living creation of God praise His Holy name!

Come precious Friend of Friends, come. Come in all Your glory as Judge but until You do thank You for being an unsurpassed Friend whilst continuing to be Our all-wise LORD God!

Mightily blessed shall be Your hallowed, holy, healing name forever and ever.

Precious readers, the feedback from our feelings can be counter-productive especially when we are in the throes of excruciating pain. I find it helpful to remember Psalm 100:4 and endeavour to recite it when I get clobbered and beaten up by pain.

I too find that setbacks are discouraging but Christians are fighters. You are a fighter for dignity fellow Christian just as I am. Our great longing in 2013 is to live a faithful life, daily giving glory to God.

How blessed we are to understand that the risen LORD Jesus is Emmanuel. He truly is with us.

I'm always encouraged by Lamentations 3:23. Truly God is faithful and merciful.

Behold the courage and compassion of LORD Jesus Christ. Behold how all diseases are defeated when our great compassionate, healing God speaks decisively and diligently against them.

What have we to fear body, soul or spirit when the King of Glory is interceeding on our behalf. Let's join other believers in praising God. Let's all dig deep and remember fondly the cherished companionship over many years of Almighty God,.

Let's sing Him a new song in which we profess our deep abiding love to Him, for truly the God of the holy Bible is love and worthy to be wholeheartedly thanked and loved for His uplifting words and deeds.

Read the Scriptures I've referenced and may Almighty God continue to bless you. Love to you and all our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Praise, Honor, Glory, to our LORD God,, and to our Glorious Risen Savior and Lord Jesus Christ; the Only begotten Son of the Most High.

Dear readers, our great need is to be strengthened daily by Almighty God and to grow in wisdom, love and compassion. Jesus' words haven't been lost, so we must study them more diligently! Jesus is still saying "go ye into the world and preach the gospel".

A faithful soldier of Christ doesn't run away from God's teachings! We can't excuse ourselves from our duty just because some of those we go to have a somewhat lukewarm attitude to God's word.

When we take His word seriously the LORD God will reward us with increased courage, joy, hope and love, so that we don't "sleep" night after night on a pillow called "I'm totally discouraged"!

Mathew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

God blesses those who are pure in heart! All the glory goes to God, for He is the purifier of our heart. Unless God has blessed us with a pure heart we can't see Him! Without a pure heart we can't have an intimate relationship with Him. Only people who have been born again from above have a pure heart!

John 3:3 : Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God, i.e. he cannot experience it.

John 3:16. He that believeth not the Son, shall not see life, i.e shall not be put in possession of eternal glory.

Isaiah 55

Einladung zum Gnadenbunde Gottes

1 Wohlan, alle, die ihr durstig seid, kommt her zum Wasser! Und die ihr kein Geld habt, kommt her, kauft und esst! Kommt her und kauft ohne Geld und umsonst Wein und Milch!

2 Warum zählt ihr Geld dar für das, was kein Brot ist, und sauren Verdienst für das, was nicht satt macht? Hört doch auf mich, so werdet ihr Gutes essen und euch am Köstlichen laben. 3 Neigt eure Ohren her und kommt her zu mir! Höret, so werdet ihr leben! Ich will mit euch einen ewigen Bund schließen, euch die beständigen Gnaden Davids zu geben.

4 Siehe, ich habe ihn den Völkern zum Zeugen bestellt, zum Fürsten für sie und zum Gebieter. 5 Siehe, du wirst Heiden rufen, die du nicht kennst, und Heiden, die dich nicht kennen, werden zu dir laufen um des HERRN willen, deines Gottes, und des Heiligen Israels, der dich herrlich gemacht hat. Gottes wunderbarer Weg 6 Suchet den HERRN, solange er zu finden ist; ruft ihn an, solange er nahe ist.

7 Der Gottlose lasse von seinem Wege und der Übeltäter von seinen Gedanken und bekehre sich zum HERRN, so wird er sich seiner erbarmen, und zu unserm Gott, denn bei ihm ist viel Vergebung. 8 Denn meine Gedanken sind nicht eure Gedanken, und eure Wege sind nicht meine Wege, spricht der HERR, 9 sondern so viel der Himmel höher ist als die Erde, so sind auch meine Wege höher als eure Wege und meine Gedanken als eure Gedanken.

10 Denn gleichwie der Regen und Schnee vom Himmel fällt und nicht wieder dahin zurückkehrt, sondern feuchtet die Erde und macht sie fruchtbar und lässt wachsen, dass sie gibt Samen zu säen und Brot zu essen, 11 so soll das Wort, das aus meinem Munde geht, auch sein: Es wird nicht wieder leer zu mir zurückkommen, sondern wird tun, was mir gefällt, und ihm wird gelingen, wozu ich es sende.

12 Denn ihr sollt in Freuden ausziehen und im Frieden geleitet werden. Berge und Hügel sollen vor euch her frohlocken mit Jauchzen und alle Bäume auf dem Felde in die Hände klatschen. 13 Es sollen Zypressen statt Dornen wachsen und Myrten statt Nesseln. Und dem HERRN soll es zum Ruhm geschehen und zum ewigen Zeichen, das nicht vergehen wird.