Is it flawed to teach that Our Creator loves His creation?


Make an effort to memorise this verse from Jeremiah.
How do we help the unsaved in our generation? This is a very challenging question.
My approach has been to encourage them to read and study the Holy Bible, for the Lord teaches that His creation perishes because of a lack of understanding.

In my opinion it's wise to teach that Our Creator is love and loves His creation, but we must also teach Romans 3:23 and other important verses from the Bible that show that we have all fallen short of glorifying God.
The good Shepherd is known by everyone He saves. He is good!
Our Lord, the Lord who blessed us with His gracious gift, the holy Bible, is loving, loyal and compassionate but He also resists pridefulness.
Searchers for truth, Do you know that every word of God is pure? Everything about Our Creator is flawless! He never has made a mistake and He never will make an error of judgment.

He is pure and so too is His inspired Word, the holy Bible!

What flourishes in the presence of the Lord?
Our character. We become more thankful and more discerning of what is good for us and good for our neighbour.
I really love 1 Chronicles 28:9, for it teaches us very clearly what we should do.
Can you see that there is a promise here? Our Creator says that He will be found by His creation, if they seek Him.

Notice the word if. From our perspective we have to seek the Lord. Are you seeking Him with all your soul, mind, heart and strength?
In the last two decades that I have been a true believer I have experienced many disappointments, but although I still get angry with the Lord from time to time I am never long-term disappointed by Him, for His love is steadfast.

Especially in the last 18 months I have been going through a very challenging valley. I have had trouble talking let alone singing and praising the Lord.
My life has been a real struggle and I have uttered a lot of criticism to the Lord, instead of praise.
I've felt very guilty and convicted about this dishonourable behaviour and so I'm making a huge effort in 2017 to praise the Prince of Purity. 

What a beautiful truth this is! The Author of life saves and wonderfully everybody has the opportunity to be guided by Him. Truly He is the greatest Teacher of all.
Heavenly Father, thank You for guiding us in Your truth. Your Beloved, sinless Son is the truth. Thank You for His courageous, atoning death on the cross. What a Saviour He is!

What a wonderful encouragement! When we earnestly seek Our Creator He rewards us! Jeremiah 30:17 links to Psalm 23. In that most wonderful Psalm David witnesses that it is the Lord who was restoring his soul. If you are born again from above you ought to praise the Lord for setting you apart for Himself. Make it your prayer to rightfully acknowledge God's Beloved Son. Praise the Pure One!
It's very important to remember the adverb earnestly. Not only do we need to search for the Lord's teachings in the right place, the Holy Bible is the right place, but we need to search for Him earnestly.

How does the Lord reward earnest seekers of Him?
One of the blessings He can decide to give is the belief that He exists, so keep persevering patiently with your studying of the Holy Bible. Jeremiah 17:5 is an incredibly important verse in the Holy Bible. Make a big effort to study this verse.

The error I made for many years was turning my thoughts from my Creator. I also regarded my mere flesh as my strength. I lived a life relying on myself and so I missed out on experiencing and witnessing that the joy of the Lord is my strength.

Explorers for truth, if you are trusting in man instead of trusting above all in the LORD you will always be unfulfilled and cursed.

God is love! Put your wholehearted trust in Him. Switch off the television more often and study the Holy Bible with more dedication and you will grow to trust Your Heavenly Father more.

Searchers for truth, don't make the error of thinking you can find the true Son of David in the Koran, for He is not there. Only a false Jesus can be found there called Isa. He is a false Jesus because he worships the false Koranic god, Allah. Holy God our Savior reveals Himself in the holy Bible.
Satan's lie is that the Koran tells the truth.

Unless your desire is to warn people about the Koran spend your time studying the holy Bible, for all false religions are built on sand.

The Word for Today
What encouraging teaching!