Hitler served Satan


Hitler's allegiance was to Satan, not the Author of life. He chose not to submit to the will of God, unlike Saul of Tarsus who had a real encounter with the risen Lord.

Are you a serious student of the holy Bible? If yes, what are you going to do with the words of Jesus? Remember, you can’t throw them away and treasure them at the same time!

When an unsaved man is imprisoned by selfishness and a teacher shows him the way of selflessness. That is a miracle. Do you know who can do this? Your creator can do this.

Saul of Tarsus was an unsaved man who persecuted followers of the risen Lord Jesus. He was a man imprisoned by false beliefs about them, yet the Lord miraculously set him free.

Saul’s life became meaningful, because the Author of life dramatically intervened in his life. After he was born again his whole life was turned around and instead of acting destructively he was blessed to live a peaceful, meaningful life.

Only God Himself can bring about the miracle of new life. Many people say that they became a Christian, but many are deceived because they have just used their will power and haven’t been blessed by God with His gracious gift of new life.

Make a better effort to ask the LORD to teach you and start to praise Him, for His steadfast love.

Truly He is the only LORD. All the other gods are liars whom Satan uses to deceive God’s creation. Truly only the God who reveals Himself in the holy Bible is trustworthy.

Explorer for truth, invite the LORD to show you how much He loves you. Start today and invite your wife, if you are married, to join you.

Decide once and for all to put an end to your self indulgent, often foolish behaviour which is only resulting in you distancing yourself from eternal God.

Are you ready to study the holy Bible? Are you ready to hunger and thirst for righteousness?