Focus on Jesus


Plans to prosper you

Friends, it takes just one voice, a holy voice, God’s voice to give you a new fresh song of faith, hope and love to sing. Holy God, take our lips and speak through them; take our mind and think through it, take our heart and set it on fire with the purity of your life-enhancing words.

Friends, God’s words are comforting, consoling, healing and life-transforming. Sing with me now how great is the giver of life, how great He is. All His creation are invited to taste His truth and discover how so very great and gracious He is.
The God of the Holy Bible binds up our wounds and only He can do this, for all other gods are false gods. Truly our prayer is for His blessing of love, so that we can become more consistently loving to God’s glory! This is a very beautiful and correct prayer that God’s creation needs to believe in, because God is love.

Salvation is a gift of the God who reveals Himself in the Holy Bible. Truly Our beloved Creator God is from everlasting to everlasting and no impurity is to be found in Him.

We find Him best by seeking after His pure, holy, compassionate presence and by longing to study, meditate upon and trust and obey His words. What an active God He is, for He can cleanse our mind, heart and soul and bless us with a right spirit and give us insights into how to make money honestly to His glory.

Truly this wonderful God that we are seeking to honour and give glory to is the author and sustainer of life. And yes, He is also the author of all languages and the purifier of our speech!

How blessed we are that such a God reveals Himself to those who hunger and thirst after righteousness and what a comfort it is to know that He Himself is blessed beyond measure with a majestical, merciful mind and a faithful, forgiving heart!

May God Almighty so bless our lives, so that we can step through the door of truth full of curiosity and wonderment and joyfully explore God’s loving presence

Treasure the Holy Bible.

Seek the righteous Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly

Experience the wonderful benefits of reading, trusting and obeying God's written Word

In all your ways acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ and He, eternal God, will make your ways straight. Enjoy this video!

Treasure the holy Bible!

The Lord Jesus Christ is God's answer to our disappointments, our doubt, our disabilities, our desires and our spiritual darkness

Why are so many people lacking in belief in God? Multitudes are unwilling to search deeply for Him. God says my people perishes through lack of understanding. Always remember Lord Jesus' love is worth finding!

Explorers for truth, what does God's creation need? What will stop them perishing needlessly?

The only true God, the God who reveals Himself in the holy Bible, teaches that His people perishes because of a lack of understanding.

Man needs more understanding. Man needs to understand that he is a sinner who needs to be rescued.

Man needs to understand that the holy Bible is a trustworthy book from a trustworthy LORD.

Can I ask you a question? Which book do you value the most?

Do you value a good sport's biography more than the Gospel of John? If you do, you lack understanding.

Do you value your current career more than your relationship with the sinless Son of God? If you do, you lack understanding and discernment.

And who do you regard as the most preeminent teacher of all? If you have chosen anyone other than Your Creator, you lack understanding.

Friends, life is a tremendous, tremendous gift, but until we start wholeheartedly seeking the Lord Jesus Christ who is the truth we never fully understand His identity or His glorious mission or God's plan for our life both now and in eternity.
Be greatly encouraged for when we highly esteem the LORD we are very very keen and eager to hear what He has to say!

Treasuring the Bible is the best way to treasure God Himself, for doing so allows God to bless us we a deep desire to thank Him, praise Him and worship Him in spirit and truth.

Enjoy your day and rejoice in the God of the holy Bible always!
So what should you do, if you are not studying the Holy Bible regularly?
Make an improved effort to study the words and deeds of the sinless Son of God and bless Him for being Our loving, gracious Lord.

Bless Him for being the way and the truth and the life. Bless Him for being the Teacher of teachers and the Friend of friends.
Bless His hallowed name and demonstrate that you love Him by trusting and obeying Him.

As you do this, with His gracious help, you will find that you understand the true meaning of life! God bless you!

Man's great need is to trust and obey the sinless Son of God

Trust and obey the sinless Son of God!