Do you have praise in your heart for your Creator?


Do you have praise in your heart for your Creator?

Do you know that He was willing to lay down His life to offer you a chance of eternal life in His glorious presence?
Do you know that although many people appreciate you, nobody loves you like your Maker?

How can you honour Him? By desiring to wholeheartedly trust and obey Him. Open up the holy Bible and learn about and from your righteous king.

Don't be like hypocrites who give Him lip service, but have a heart that is distant from Him. Many people, like you and me, are apt to go astray very easily. Many people, just like you and me, point the finger at the Romans and or the Jews for the death of the Son of Man.

But in my opinion this is inaccurate, because the LORD went to the cross willingly.

He went to the cross, even knowing that He would be smitten of God.

Make every effort to praise Him for His gracious, loving courageous act.

Such is the love and wisdom of the LORD that the eternal Word was committed to die a substitutionary, atoning death, on His creations' behalf, even before He was involved in creating us.

Let's remember also that all people of all generations are responsible for what happened to the Good Shepherd on the cross.

Our Saviour came to seek and save the lost and He fulfilled His mission perfectly.

Praise Him for pouring out His soul unto death. Praise Him for pouring out His life on the cross, so as to graciously offer you the gift of new life. Praise the resurrected LORD! Do you believe that by Christ's stripes you are healed?

Why was this sinless man wounded? Why was the kindest man who ever lived bruised in such a brutal manner?
If you are diligent student of the holy Bible you will have noted that the sinless Son of God shed His blood on a cross.

Truly no event in human history is more worthy of your attention, so don't stop studying about the sufferings of the LORD.

And praise the risen LORD, for His great victory over Satan, sin and death.