Brokenness over sin is a gift of Our Creator


It's very important to study the holy Bible.

Make a decision to study the holy Bible more earnestly.

Precious reader, has your heart been broken? Are you feeling harassed and helpless, like a sheep without a shepherd?

If you are, you are like so many people today who are beaten down by life, facing problems so overwhelming they don’t even know, with any confidence, where to go for help.

Do you sense that you are such a person who needs restoration of your soul? I have an important word for you. Turn daily to Jesus and His words for consolation, for in trusting and obeying them you can, most assuredly, know and experience God’s awesome gift of compassion.

No matter how stubborn you’ve been and how much foolish resistance you’ve put up so far, Almighty God still offers you the wonderful exciting opportunity to turn from your self-sufficient ways and bow down before Him as a student before His teacher.

Praise be unto the unique holy God of the holy Bible whose heart longs for us to drink from His living, life-transforming Word!

What a God the God of the holy Bible is. Truly He is the only true God. Precious readers never thank, praise or worship the god of the Koran, for he is a false god.

Reject him and everything he says, for he had no part in the creation of the heavens and earth. Reject his lies and false claims for he is a mouthpiece of Satan.

Precious readers, may compassionate, pure-hearted God continue to bless your efforts to thank, praise and worship Him in 2017! Precious reader, are you ready to receive some incredibly uplifting words? Are you desirous to witness as Job did of God's wondrous grace?

Put your wholehearted trust in what Jesus of Nazareth did for you on the cross, for He gave His all for sinners. Praise Him for His total commitment to hallowing His Heavenly Father and make it the prayer of your heart to seek a direct, personal relationship with the Lord.

Don't hold back anything. Decide to trust and obey the Giver of life unreservedly, for He is worthy of your wholehearted commitment.

Precious reader, are you ready to give all of yourself to Almighty God, so that He can use you for His glory? Do you understand fully that it isn't God's will to live for yourself?

Do you understand fully that your life is largely meaningless, directionless and unfulfilling without the companionship of Creator God?

Are you ready to give up all your selfish plans and goals in order to have a living relationship with Lord Jesus Christ? When you are say to Your compassionate Creator: Take me. take my life, take my all, for I know that you are trustworthy. When you are ready tell the Lord that you'll joyfully give up your life in order to gain Him! When you are ready say to the risen Lord Jesus that you acknowledge that He is worthy to be Lord of your life.

Ask Him to help you to surrender so that He can have His perfect way with you.

May God bless your sincere efforts to surrender your will to Him, so that you can reverence daily the Holy One who created you. What a blessing it is to discover and fully appreciate that the author of the holy Bible is worthy to be thanked, praised and worshipped.

May Almighty God bless you precious reader, so that you can witness boldly that you have been crucified with Christ and that you no longer live, but Christ lives in you.

May majestical Almighty God so bless your life so that you can live daily by faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who lovingly gave Himself for you.