Are you a serious student of the holy Bible?


Our LORD is astonishingly compassionate

Receiving what the LORD promises is linked to doing His will, so let's persevere in trusting and obeying the teachings in the holy Bible! Let's Study the Bible daily! Notice the word persevere. Honoring the God of the Holy Bible will involve us persevering in Bible Study.

Has the Author of life said to you, "Peace be with you"?

Notwithstanding how many setbacks you have had in the last two decades- praise the sinless Son of David.

The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. Nahum 1:7

Beware, Satan, the father of lies, is the source of selfishness. Be watchful for what you truly love points to whom you truly love.

When I listen to most people talk I realise that multitudes love themselves! 

Their "joy" is in their memories. Ask them to think about something other than sport's statistics and other trivial things and they will give you a look as if to say...

The Bible refers to such people as lovers of self. Let's be honest: lovers of self are enslaved! They lead a selfish life and their life doesn't honor God. 

I have a question for you: Does it matter if you know a lot about football? My answer is it doesn't, for what is important  is seeking the Author of truth, not luxuriating in a warm bubbly bath of sporting memories.

This is a very challenging subject which will make a lot of people uncomfortable, but it's vital to talk about. God's will is for us is to turn from selfishness.

Will you welcome Jesus to be the King of your life? 

Will you praise the Pure One who can redeem it and rescue you?

Lovers of truth, the risen Jesus is sitting on the throne. and that's very, very good news. That's very good news indeed. 
Let's praise the King of kings. Let's praise Our dearest LORD, for He can redeem those who are unsaved.
Selfish man or selfish woman, He can rescue you from the worst circumstances.
Let's study the holy Bible, so that we can help Our righteous King of kings spread His good news to those in need. Are you desirous to obey Him in this matter? If yes, then study the holy Bible! Let's study the holy Bible daily!


Children of God are not alone! Praise the LORD for His cherished companionship!


Enjoy a quiet time relaxing

God's creation are not alone! Invite the LORD to to teach you to treasure His company at all times

One of my great loves is to rearrange music. I hope you can enjoy this one!

 Welch ein Heiland