Are you praying for a heart that desires to please the LORD?


Study the Bible now because you've been watching too many videos

Lies die Bibel

Lies die Bibel

Is the Good Shepherd your life?

Friends of the Lord listen to Him and endeavour to trust and obey Him!

Do you love Him above every other competing love in your life?

Has He a place of preeminence in your heart and are you wholeheartedly trusting and obeying Him in both public and private?

Do you agree that your body, soul and spirit belong to Him? Has He first place in your use of His gift of time?

Praise the LORD, for He is worthy to be praised!

What is worship?

Certainly it's not for our entertainment, but for Our Creator's glory.

Worship involves acknowledging His worth. Think for a moment of His blessing of sustaining love.

Children of God, let's worship Him for being so gracious to us, even long before He saved us!

We are to worship the LORD in spirit and truth, so worship will be most glorious when His Word is being treasured by us in our heart! And yes, true worship of the LORD will result in His children loving selflessly more consistently!

We need to realise that most of the entertainment offered to is worldly and takes us away from, rather than to Our Creator!

Dear searchers for the author of life, I love what Jesus said in
Dear readers, if someone is a child of God the LORD isn't silent for 4 years in their life.
That would be impossible!
Jesus taught that His sheep know His voice. The author of life doesn't stop talking to those He loves.

If the Creator stopped talking to us for four years that would make Him no Creator at all, for the Creator loves His children daily.

Truly He desires to reveal Himself to you and me very often, so let's make a bigger effort to trust and obey what He teaches in the Bible.

Dear visitors, Are you praying for a heart that desires to please the LORD?

In order to understand Our Heavenly Father it's necessary to learn what pleases Him and what displeases Him!

Are you aware that persisting in living a selfish lifestyle displeases Him?

Let's not forget that God's creation can become quickly enslaved to selfish activities.

When this happens holy God gently points out that we are in error and if we are sensitive to His teaching voice we will find that we can endeavour to live more sensibly.

Always the best decision is to study the holy Bible more diligently, so that the Teacher of Teachers can guide us.

Make it the desire of your heart to truly follow the sinless Son of God.

Desire to listen and learn from Him and know that everything He blesses will bless you when you trust and obey His teachings.