The amazing love of the LORD


Dear readers, let's continue to be watchful for the numbers enslaved to the false religion Islam is growing. This is because rebellion against the God of the holy Bible is increasing. It is also true that Muslims quote and memorize their book, but that action will never make it holy! It will always remain a book that encourages self exultation and the worship of a god who rejects Almighty God's inspired word.

Muslims practice prayer but pray to a false god! They may claim to reject materialism, but in my opinion the mindset of a non-Christian is materialistic.

Jesus is the truth. As He writes His words on the tablets of our heart we will grow to treasure truth more keenly. What does God desire His creation to forsake?

In my opinion it is the erroneous belief that God's creation own their body, soul and spirit. With His gracious, loving help sinners can acknowledge that He owns their body, soul and spirit.

Truly LORD Jesus is the Shepherd of a Christian's soul!
What is very tragic is that Satan has many devoted followers! All the false religions of the world are his mouthpieces.

What we must remember is that Satan's devoted followers are not our role models! There will never be anything meritorious about worshipping a false god.

A faithful teacher will always teach that the Koran is an unholy book whose source is Satan, the father of lies.

Only children of God have a pure passion for truth that consistently glorifies God. An unbeliever can't produce the fruit of being consistently passionate for truth. An unbeliever can't, for example, love wholeheartedly and trust the perfect finished atoning and reconciling work of Christ on the cross. Only those who have been born again from above are blessed to do that.

Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 that He will build His Church.

That's right, dear readers, and that is exactly what He is doing. So gracious is He that empowers those who love Him to co labor with Him. That's a privilege and honour that brings with it responsibility.

Jesus is the Light who came into the world. That's true. It's true that men are sinners and love the darkness, the evil lies of Satan, rather than our beloved Lord.

We are witnessing the false church grow. That is true.

Where is the "rest" that He offers in salvation in Him alone?

That rest is in Our wonderful God and in no one else. Let's always remember that God's will and the Lord Jesus' will are in harmony with each other!