Adam and Eve were real people


Searchers for truth, a man needs faith to believe that Noah was a historical person.
Are you desiring that the LORD blesses you with faith in this matter?
Be encouraged, for the LORD Almighty Himself witnesses that Noah was a real person.
Why would Noah appear in a genealogy, if he was just a name and no more?
Why would the LORD bless him to be a teacher of righteousness, if he didn’t exist?
Serious searchers for the LORD, be encouraged for He longs to reveal Himself to you!

Searchers for truth, faith like hope and love is a gift of God. Be encouraged, for He will never forsake those who love Him.
Warning. Don't take drugs to draw closer to God.

Nowhere in the holy Bible does God say man should take a drug like LSD to get to know Him. If you have been doing something like this endeavour to stop living recklessly at once, for what you did, in my opinion was very wrong.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God!

Why do people who take LSD reject Christianity? Clearly taking LSD in order to learn about spiritual matters dishonors God, for He desires us to wholeheartedly trust the Gospel of Christ. Beware for drug taking and rebellion against the LORD have a long history!

I know that My Redeemer lives

Nobody loves us more than the LORD

Worldwide many people believe mistakenly that the historical dealings of the LORD with man as recorded in the holy Bible were imaginary!

Many believe everything or almost everything the LORD teaches is false. Many believe He didn't create the heavens and the earth. Many believe He didn't create Adam and Eve and that after they were deceived by the deceiver that He drove them out of Eden.

Are you such a person who doesn’t believe that Cain killed his brother Abel? Are you such a person who doesn’t believe that Abel’s shed blood cried out to the LORD?

Do you also refuse to believe that the LORD asked Noah to build an ark?

What does the LORD say on this matter? He says:the fool has said in his heart, “There is no LORD. (See Proverbs 14:1)
Do you also deny the very teachings of the LORD about rebellious man’s heart?

The good news is that the God who reveals Himself in the holy Bible is gracious and loving, so there is help available for the foolish. Yes, there is still hope, for turning to the LORD provides hope for deceived man.