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Can you quote a single verse from the Old Testament?


Dear readers, people who show no interest in quoting from the

Old Testament have gone astray. Don't follow their example.
Satan, the adversary, the source of the lies, teaches that the holy Bible is a fairy tale.

Will you admit your need and stop running away from studying the holy Bible?

Searchers for truth, the truth can only be revealed by the author of truth.

Das Zeugnis des Koran ist falsch


Es geht um Lebensrettung!

Wer ständig aus dem Koran zitiert, ohne gegen den Koran zu schreiben, verbreitet Verwirrung.

Solches Benehmen ehrt Gott in keiner Weise!

Gott möchte, dass Liebhaber der Wahrheit gegen Lügen friedvoll bekämpfen, nicht sie Jahr für Jahr zitieren! Es ist nicht egal, was im Koran steht, denn was im Koran steht, ist falsch!

Das Zeugnis des Koran ist falsch. Jenes Buch ist total unvertrauenswürdig. Zwar sieht der Koran Isa als einen sündlosen Mensch. Die Wahrheit aber ist anders.

Sei getrost


Treasured Father


Study the holy Bible daily

Faithful and gracious Father, I thank you for the phenomenal treasure that you have given us in Lord Jesus.

His zest to fulfill Your perfect will continues to inspire me and multitudes of other people to love and cherish You even more. 

Where do we start uniquely beautiful and holy Lord God to thank, praise and worship you. 

Do you have compassion for people ensnared by the corrupt teachings of Islam?


Do you understand the desperate plight of those who have succumbed to embracing the self-willed life?

How can so many people world-wide sit so comfortably and sing the same song, week after week, when more than two billion people are ensnared by Islam and corrupt Catholicism?

Wake up singers of songs and desire to heed the words of Jesus who said: go ye into the world and preach the gospel.

Preach that Christ was crucified and rose again. Preach that sinners need Him to be the Shepherd of their soul. Teach that He calls sinners to repentance.

Amazing Lord Jesus Christ


Amazing LORD Jesus, thank You for reminding us of Your incredible love toward us. Truly Your perfect work of reconciliation on the cross means so much to me.

You are absolutely faithful, compassionate, powerful and mighty to save. And You hold all who love You tenderly and securely in the palm of Your amazing life-ennobling hand.

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