Treasured Father


Study the holy Bible daily

Faithful and gracious Father, I thank you for the phenomenal treasure that you have given us in Lord Jesus.

His zest to fulfill Your perfect will continues to inspire me and multitudes of other people to love and cherish You even more. 

Where do we start uniquely beautiful and holy Lord God to thank, praise and worship you. 

Do you have compassion for people ensnared by the corrupt teachings of Islam?


Do you understand the desperate plight of those who have succumbed to embracing the self-willed life?

How can so many people world-wide sit so comfortably and sing the same song, week after week, when more than two billion people are ensnared by Islam and corrupt Catholicism?

Wake up singers of songs and desire to heed the words of Jesus who said: go ye into the world and preach the gospel.

Preach that Christ was crucified and rose again. Preach that sinners need Him to be the Shepherd of their soul. Teach that He calls sinners to repentance.

Amazing Lord Jesus Christ


Amazing LORD Jesus, thank You for reminding us of Your incredible love toward us. Truly Your perfect work of reconciliation on the cross means so much to me.

You are absolutely faithful, compassionate, powerful and mighty to save. And You hold all who love You tenderly and securely in the palm of Your amazing life-ennobling hand.

Are you willing?


Uniquely loved
Can I ask you a question? Which book do you value the most? 

Do you value a good sport's biography more than the Gospel of John? If you do, you lack understanding. 

Do you value your current career more than your relationship with the sinless Son of God? If you do, you lack understanding and discernment. 

And who do you regard as the most preeminent teacher of all? If you have chosen anyone other than Your Creator, you lack understanding.