Psalm 1


Manchmal kann das Leben sehr schwer für uns sein, aber wenn wir tief nach dem Sinn des Lebens graben, finden wir heraus, durch die Gnade Gottes, dass Gott einen Weg für uns macht.

Sei mächtig ermutigt, denn du kannst Gott kennenlernen.
Sei mächtig ermutigt,denn du kannst die schönste Person aller Zeiten, Jesus Christus, kennenlernen.

Möge, heiliger Gott, verstärktes Interesse für die heilige Bibel in deinem Herzen wachsen lassen, so dass du Seine erbauende, tröstende Liebe Tag für Tag in vermehrtem Maß erfahren kannst.
Wahrlich es ist ein Privileg zu sein!

Do you treasure the words of the Author of life?


Lord Jesus Christ is the truth!

Isaiah 9:6

The Giver of life both rewards and punishes.


Joni and Friends

Explorers for truth, what are you doing exploring for truth in Buddhism, Islam or Hinduism?

Flee from those places of false instruction, for none of those sources is reliable.

Beware, for the source of Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism is satanic.

Beware, for if you study this material you will be reading lie after lie and risk distancing yourself even further from the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Has your heart been broken?


Mathew 5 [2] And he (Jesus) opened his mouth, and taught them ,sayiing, [8] Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. [9] Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

What wonderful, insightful Bible verses. What wonderful words of truth Jesus gives to us. Truly the Son of God is the Creator and His unfailing love is from eternity to eternity. Surely those who love Him will witness that His love doesn’t and can't fade away. Behold how gracious and loving His character is!

Do you love the God who tests you?


As a Christian I'm always in awe of God for rescuing and changing me from being ungrateful to grateful. What a merciful LORD He is!

Every day in His holy presence is truly memorable. Explorers for truth, no matter where you’ve been or whatever you’ve done, thus far in your life, God’s pure, loving voice is calling you, for He longs for an intimate relationship with you, Always be encouraged for Almighty God is a hugely generous, diligent loving God who longs to be able to graciously and gently reveal His teachings to you.

Mein Jesus, mein Retter


Die Autorität des Christen
starangel1 schreibt:
Erst wenn Menschen nur noch Gutes tun, sind sie aus der Sündenknechtschaft errettet, befreit aus der Finsternis , geistlich neu aus Gott geboren...

Das ist total falsch, denn Gott ist Retter, nicht was man tut! Dass Jesus Christus am Kreuz von Golgatha den Teufel besiegt hat ist nicht eine nutzlose Lehre!

Singt doch mit

Mein Jesus, mein Retter,
keiner ist so wie du.

Will you accept the challenge?


Greetings, dear visitors!

Do you know that before you can come forth purified that the God of the Bible must test you? Say "Yes" to His testing of you and as you do, day by day you will notice that He will bless you with speech and deeds that are purer. It is time to start practising saying "Yes" to the awesome God of the holy Bible. Don't forget this message is for you too!

Have you read these astonishing words "And their eyes were opened, and they knew Him." from Luke 24:31?