Herrliches Wetter






Gedanken des Friedens


Gedanken des Friedens

Our Father is a glorious Father


Mathew5 [2] And he ( Jesus) opened his mouth, and taught them ,sayiing, [8] Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. [9] Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. What wonderful, insightful bible verses. What wonderful words of truth Jesus gives to us. Truly the Son of God is the Creator and His unfailing love is from eternity to eternity. Surely those who love Him will witness that His love doesn’t and can't fade away. Behold how graciously loving His character is.

Our heavenly Father is compassionate


Our heavenly Father is compassionate!

Dear readers, I hope you and your families have a lovely, productive, refreshing, memorable time together during the next few months. As a Christian believer I am always inspired by the life and words and deep love of Lord Jesus. What a loving person He was when He lived on earth. Let's continue to learn from Him that the sacrifice of our time to glorify the LORD is a praiseworthy sacrifice.

Wohl dem Volk, des Gott der HERR ist


Wohl dem Volk, des Gott des HERRN ist!

There is nothing more liberating than being blessed by God


As you can see not everyone welcomes hearing about God's best gifts.

Thank you, dear readers, for your visit to this blog. May these beautiful reminders of the faithful love of Our cherished Lord God be a blessing to you.

Discover the most beautiful person whoever lived on earth


Dear readers. Enjoy a really productive time together with your family and march into 2014, with boldness, wholeheartedly desiring to hallow God’s name, the unique God of the holy Bible.

Beautiful holy God, Yours alone is the light that lights our soul’s stage when spiritual blindness threatens to hold us caged in indefinitely.

O glorious, gracious, intelligent, compassionate, life-edifying Friend above all Friends, thank You for Your moment by moment most affectionate love.

Pure, adorable Friend, You truly are a wonderful God.

Gott ist Liebe


Jesus ist Liebe

What a Savior


What a Savior