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Lord Jesus is Our Redeemer

Gottes Geschenk


Gottes Geschenk

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ


What a Savior

Wir suchen Dich


Wir suchen Dich

Embracing God’s Commands

Blog Jesus liebt mich

Jesus liebt mich blog


Jeremia 33 Ich schließe mit euch einen ewigen Bund 14 So spricht der Herr: "Es kommt die Zeit, da erfülle ich meine Verheißung für Israel und Juda: 15 Ich mache einen Nachkommen Davids zum König, den man wirklich als gerecht bezeichnen kann. Er wird in seinem Land für Recht und Gerechtigkeit sorgen.

Amazing abslutely amazing grace


Praise the LORD of the holy Bible

Blessed beyond measure


Desire to be a blessing to the LORD!

Where does all this energy come from that unbelievers have? I do know that when we get passionate about something we get a real boost in energy.

The key thing is to hunger and thirst or get passionate about glorifying God. If we get caught up in traveling to and fro for our own amusement we are not being obedient to Mathew 6:33.

It is a wrong use of energy for Almighty God ought to be our first focus.
Treasured readers, no subject is more important than learning about the true identity of Jesus!

All who trust in Him


Trust and obey Lord Jesus

Plans to prosper you


Plans to prosper you

Friends, it takes just one voice, a holy voice, God’s voice to give you a new fresh song of faith, hope and love to sing. Holy God, take our lips and speak through them; take our mind and think through it, take our heart and set it on fire with the purity of your life-enhancing words.

The amazing love of the LORD


Dear readers, let's continue to be watchful for the numbers enslaved to the false religion Islam is growing. This is because rebellion against the God of the holy Bible is increasing. It is also true that Muslims quote and memorize their book, but that action will never make it holy! It will always remain a book that encourages self exultation and the worship of a god who rejects Almighty God's inspired word.

Muslims practice prayer but pray to a false god! They may claim to reject materialism, but in my opinion the mindset of a non-Christian is materialistic.