Jesus ist der gute Hirte


Jesus ist der gute Hirte!

Johannes 10:14-18

Einzigartige Heilung


Our need of compassion, mercy and love is answered by Jesus Christ's victory on the cross.

When we we wholeheartedly turn from sinful behaviour we will joyfully discover that our hope will never be disappointed and our need to be forgiven will be answered!

Let's willingly surrender and submit our will to God's perfect will and start blessing now and forever Our kind Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Truly, God Triune is able to save sinners enslaved by Satan.

Let's honour our incomparable Shepherd King, Jesus Christ, who is eternally Our author of salvation.

Neue Abenteuer mit Gott


Neue Abenteuer

Neue Dinge


Neue Dinge

Welch Gnade


Welch Gnade