Herr Jesus ist mein Lobgesang


Herr Jesus ist mein Lobgesang.

Precious readers, Psalm 23 was one of the first Psalms I fell in love with. In verse 5 we read…my cup runneth over. What does the Shepherd of our soul give us to drink? truly His drink is always filled with faith, hope and love that nourishes us.

King David testified that because the Lord was shepherding his life his needs would be provided for. Truly he didn’t want for faith, hope and love when he walked faithfully before God!




Good morrning

wunderbar bist du


Wunderbar bist du




Ich liebe dich


Ich liebe dich

Welch eine Freude


Welch eine Freude macht das Wandern

The God of the Holy Bible binds up our wounds


The God of the Holy Bible binds up our wounds!
What a healer

Truly our prayer is for the language of love so that we can become more consistently loving to God’s glory! This is a very beautiful and correct prayer that God’s creation needs to believe in because God is love.

Interestingly the Holy Bible teaches that the Tower of Babel was a work of disobedient man! In building the Tower of Babel the people desired to make a name for themselves rather than to attempt to glorify God.

Genesis 11

Salvation is gift of God


Salvation is a gift of God. Truly our beloved Creator God is from everlasting to everlasting and no impurity is to be found in Him. We find Him best by seeking after His pure, holy, compassionate presence and by longing to study, meditate upon and trust and obey His words.

What an active God He is, for He can cleanse our mind, heart and soul and bless us with a right spirit and give us insights into how to make money honestly to His glory.

Jesus ist unser Lobgesang


Jesus ist unser Lobgesang